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75 litri

20 EUR

75 litri is a book about objects, backpacks and imaginary trips. Liter is a unit of measurement for rucksack capacity. A 75 litri backpack is a confortable, spacious and sturdy container, perfect for any adventure.

9 illustrators working at national and international levels were involved to create the 75 litri anthology: Cristina Spanò, Josè Ja Ja Ja, Alice Lotti, Anne Baier, Pablo Delcielo, Patrizio Anastasi, Alessandra De Cristofaro, Massimiliano Di Lauro, Tommaso Nava.

One art curator: Stefano Riba
One Alpine guide: Pier Mattiel

Technical Features:
↣ 185x240 cm format
↣ 76 pages
↣ edition of 240 copies
↣ Risograph printed in 3 colors by Inuit
↣ screen printed cover
↣ book paper 150 and 200 gr Munken Pure
↣ cover paper 170 gr Favini Burano

more info:

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